Is Residency Defined in Liberian Law?

I have heard a few colleagues say that “residency” is not defined in Liberian Law and so no candidate in the ensuing elections can be disqualified on the basis of the 10 year residency clause in the Constitution.

First, it is important to mention that the application of the residency clause to the 2017 elections is settled matter as per the Supreme Court.

And then, I was able to find out that Section 1.1(h) of the Alien and Nationality Law of Liberia does define “residence” as

      (h) The term “residence” means the place of general abode; and the place of general    abode of a person means his principal, actual dwelling place in facts without regard to intent. A residence may be continual without an uninterrupted physical presence;

The language above looks pretty clear to me; doesn’t seem like there will be any difficulty in its application.

your take…


I am a Liberian professional with passion for pro poor economic development and grassroot political organizing. I have read public policy, corporate finance and accounting at various levels. I have worked in government, private sector and non-profit sector.

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