I could have used my time differently but…

So I could have sat and wallowed in self pity as the conspiracy for the “great takedown” was being hatched by those closest to me but I decided that won’t make any sense.

In fact, the conspirators were actually hastening what I had planned since 2016. The letter was first written in 2014 and then revised in 2016.

I decided that rather than fight to break the plot, let me use my time taking some courses in Law at Regent University.

And today, May 9, 2020, Regent University is conferring on me a Master of Arts in Law. The ceremony will be held virtually due to COVID-19 but it seems I spent my 18 months wisely.

Always learn to make the best of anything. As I continue to say, when you are given lemon, make lemonade even if you thirst for orange juice. You will get orange one day and by then, you will know how to make juice.

We will continue to use our time wisely and I am sure the others will continue plotting…