Reflections: my ulaa listserv days

I was going through my yahoo email account and reflecting back about the days when I was into politics. Looking back, it all looks very interesting.

On or about April 26, 2007 some colleagues (actually big brothers) who didn’t like that I became too active in the Liberian immigration (TPS) process decided to go after me. These guys know how to play dirty. And I was an innocent kid who was trying to see if we could get some results. But it was never about results: it had always been about who takes the credit.

These guys (withholding their names) entered my yahoo email and wrote something as if it was coming from me and then responded to it in such a way that scared me.

I had gone to help the OLM (Organization of Liberians in Minnesota) people do some last minute prep work. I used the OLM computer to log into my yahoo mail and there is something there that keeps you logged in on that particular computer default unless you unclick that button. I didn’t know and these guys got into my email box and did what they did.

After writing the email that made it look like I was bragging, then they responded with a title that read like this: HAS MEGALOMANIA SET IN?

To today’s date, I don’t know what megalomania means but it sounded very ugly then. Doesn’t it?

Anyway, I forgive those guys and didn’t take it personal. That is how they were trained to fight.

Launching Cardinal Point Advisors…

In May 2014, when I informed Madam President that I intended to leave the Government and move into private practice, I organized and incorporated Cardinal Point Advisors.

However, when Madam President convinced me to stay on for a few more years especially since the Ministry was in the middle of reform, I decided to shelf the firm since I couldn’t run the firm and at the same time hold a government position.

I always knew that a government job, especially at the senior level, was a temporary gig. I tell my colleagues that the exit from the government is at the top: as you rise, beware that you are on your way out.

I decided that Cardinal Point Advisors would be the baby that I wanted to nurture and grow.

As a value proposition, I felt that others could benefit by learning from the mistakes we made. Wouldn’t it be nice if other leaders from developing countries didn’t have to make the same mistakes we made? To me this is worth a lot.

I have never thought that we had the all answers to transforming a developing country but I think that if can explain the mistakes we made, then others wouldn’t have to make them. And by not making those mistakes, they can make progress faster. This would be a great help to them.

Even if they think that I m not advising them on what to do, I will be advising them on what not to do.

And I think that is worth a lot. And I should get paid for that. Don’t you think so?

That is the value proposition of Cardinal Point Advisors : that you don’t have to make the mistakes we made. You can skip that mistake and pay us for showing you how…