At T-High and Zion University, I made my small contribution…

I had the singular honor today of returning home to Tubman High and Zion University to give back.

At T-High, I made a meager donation of 150 arm chairs based on the request I received from the Principal, Mr. Alassis N. Goldore (Class of 1979).

At the Zion University College, I gave 100 arm chairs. This was not based on any request but I decided I had to do something.

I remember when we returned to school, immediately after the civil war, how difficult it used to be to get chair to sit. Many times, we sat on blocks or stood in the back of the class to take lectures and notes.

I am glad that I could contribute my widow’s might to those 2 institutions.

My friend Adolphus Jacobs was on hand to welcome me.

At the Zion University on Benson Street, Monrovia