Starting the 2029 fight now. Isn’t it, distractingly, too early?

I am one of the persons who loves to think about the future and therefore plan for it. But of late, I have started to hear a lot of noise about 2029. In fact, it seems that a real fight about 2029 has already begun.
Every time I hear the chatters, I go back and check my calendar to see if we are within the timeframe to begin the conversation about 2029. But every time I check, I am faced with the reality that we are just in 2018 and it seems very too early to begin the 2029 fight. I am not saying that there wouldn’t be a fight about 2029 but starting this early is irrational in my opinion.
Wouldn’t you get tired if you start fighting this early? I can understand if the 2029 fight started in 2024. That would be 5 years of fighting and that would be the beginning of the second term of the President. But starting now is counterproductive.
This is not a surrender call; it is a warning that we know and that we can fight even if we decide that now is not the appropriate time. Anything now is a distraction.

Comrade, slow down! Yes, slow down. Let’s give the President all the support and focus he needs to deliver for us all.