Taking your bow

When I was active in the government and on Facebook, I repeatedly warned my fellow ‘government officials’ to be careful how they treated others because the table was going to turn. I emphasised that the table had always turned and so everyone should expect that will turn again. Someone was in that position before you got there and you won’t be the last.

My admonition was based on the fear that if you didn’t treat people well, you might not be able to face them when you leave that high office. And, I wanted my colleagues to remember that the friends we made while on our high horses were not our true friends. Those people were beholden to the offices that we held at that time.

Some took my admonition and others did not. Well, the table turned and we are here.

One thing that I took from my boss, AMK, was that we should all be prepared and ready to take a “bow.” However, he said to me, “Jimmy, always learn to take a bow when people are still clapping; not when they start to boo.”

I had no idea that AMK did “theatre.” All along I only knew that he studied Public Administration at Harvard but he was right. In theatre, you take your bow when the crowd is still clapping rather than….


I am a Liberian professional with passion for pro poor economic development and grassroot political organizing. I have read public policy, corporate finance and accounting at various levels. I have worked in government, private sector and non-profit sector.

5 thoughts on “Taking your bow”

  1. Dr. JFK you have made my day and I have learn new thing today. I one man that always admire you even when you was in government and the reason is very simple, thus you don’t know me in person but I always used to defend you because you were there for the ordinary men and I told one of my friends that you are a nice man for the fact you did it for others I am happy for that. People need to feel others pain as there.
    You are right the table can turn any time, let look at you some years ago you was there today Samora is there.
    Thanks Dr. JFK


  2. Nature and reality speaks it daily, Remember Tupac song “changes” . That’s just the way it is, things will never be the same. Hint to the wise is sufficient. I appreciate your comment, it’s enlightening.


  3. The Holy Bible which guides us Christians is very clear. “There is TIME and SEASON for Everything under the Sun…” Eccl. 3:1.
    There is TIME to Win
    There is TIME to Lose
    There is TIME to Gain
    There is TIME to Quit
    Work Whilst It’s Day, When Night Comes, You Won’t Have Time and Energy To Work. The Race Is Not To The Swift. He Who Laugh Last, Laugh The Best!
    My Grandma always said “The Child Who Can Hear, That Child Will Feel”.


  4. That’s the reality of life Daddy. When ever you are elevated by God don’t allowed the spirit of proudness, and selfishness to overcome you, because when you allowed these things to overcome you, you will start doing things against the common man like is your own power, contact or education that put you there, forgetting to know that is God that put you there. My advice to leaders is keep allowing God to use you in doing good for his people, and leave your reward with he God.


  5. We will continue to remind God through prayer that He look at your humanitarian heart, and bless you with something bigger than what you are expecting. Please don’t regret your good gift to your fellow comrades and children in and out of Liberia, because our God that we serve made us to understand in his words that when ever we give in secret He God will reward us openly.


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