Regarding my ‘Reflections’…

I thought I made sufficient efforts to provide the context of reflecting on my decade-long public service but it seems that I failed.

The true purpose is not to provide a commentary on anything that is happening today but to narrate my experience so that those who aspire to leadership in the future can understand and appreciate the mistakes that we made so that they may not make the same, exact mistakes.

It is not intended for those who are already in leadership…

In the first two posts, I was narrating the beginning of how my public service started.

In my next post, I will talk about my first interaction with the President’s cabinet. The opposition, buzzy boy was given the opportunity to address the cabinet and make a call-to-action. I will narrate how it went down…

Stay tuned…


I am a Liberian professional with passion for pro poor economic development and grassroot political organizing. I have read public policy, corporate finance and accounting at various levels. I have worked in government, private sector and non-profit sector.

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