We are getting there, as promised…

About a year ago, we had promised that we will not sit idly and see 2017 elections pass by. It was our commitment that we would be active participants when 2017 comes around. Though we did not say exactly how we would participate, it seems that it is now getting clearer.

A few weeks ago, the grassroot progressive coalition was in Kakata, Margibi County seeking membership for what promises to be the biggest coalition for grassroot political change.

Under the banner of the proposed Coalition for Liberia’s Progressive (CLP), the grassroot people will be advocating that change comes from the ground up and that if we make the right decisions at the grassroot (legislative constituency) level, our chances for change will be higher even if not guaranteed.

The approach that always focuses on the presidency at the expense of staffing the first branch of government with qualified leadership has failed. It is time for change!

The CLP’s model of political change is that if we can get the right people from the grassroot (our communities) to represent us then they can make our case at the table. But if we don’t have people at the table to advocate and to speak for us, then we will continue to be in this state of affairs.

Always complaining will not solve our problems. We need to take practical, collective actions and the CLP is here to lead the way.



I am a Liberian professional with passion for pro poor economic development and grassroot political organizing. I have read public policy, corporate finance and accounting at various levels. I have worked in government, private sector and non-profit sector.

3 thoughts on “We are getting there, as promised…”

  1. This is an effort that I’ m willing to support. I’ve argued before that our collective failures, in past elections, to ensure that “qualified” Patriots are elected to the first branch of government is a recipe for ineffective stewardship of our national government and its resources. The monumental failures of successive legislatures since 2005 validates my contention. We must not allow this to be repeated in 2017. Count me in!


  2. The proposition makes a lot if sense Jimmy. Clearly the kind of change (s) we envisage for our communities must be guaranteed and supported through the actions of individuals we have entrusted to represent our interests and those of our communities….by extension, the advocacy that are made so that favorable legislations are made in the interest of our communities and as well ensuring that our voices are heard and acted upon. The thinking that it is only with roles in the Presidency that guarantees the impact and desired changes has over and time again proven illusive. Seek roles in the Legislature. Seek roles in local administration. Volunteer in your community. We all must be a part of the changes that aspire and desire!


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