Welcome into my mind…

Dear friends and colleagues,

As Liberia approaches a critical period in its national existence, the need to provide insights and perspectives on a wide range of issues have never been more important than now.

I intend to use this medium to continue to make my contribution to nation building by providing my thoughts and perspectives on the issues of the day. I believe that I am uniquely qualify to do so not just because of my experience and deep understanding and appreciation of the issues and challenges that confront our country but also because I am a Liberian and have a patriotic duty and responsibility to do so.

It will be a failing of immeasurable proportion on my part if I sit do not offer my perspectives on the issues that matter for I believe that history will judge me harshly for refusing to make my valuable contribution to the national debate.

More than ever before, the need for sane, reasonable, and measured voices have never been more urgent. In these times when wannabes are masquerading as savior, those who know what needs to done are under patriotic obligations to provide information to the people so that decisions cannot be made on false and baseless claims.

It is in this light that I have decided to use this personal space to provide my views and thoughts on a whole host of issues that I believe our people should know as they endeavor to select the next President of the Republic.



I am a Liberian professional with passion for pro poor economic development and grassroot political organizing. I have read public policy, corporate finance and accounting at various levels. I have worked in government, private sector and non-profit sector.

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